Our vision, value, and mission


Every worker deserves:

  • Fair and reasonable working conditions and hours
  • Someone on their side if things go wrong
  • Career support, and unbiased information on salary and pay, throughout their entire career
  • A voice to government and media that represents their interests without fear of upsetting employers

If you work in a tech job or for a technology company, we’re here for you.

Technology is going to be the future of our country. Let’s make sure it’s one we can be proud of.


Our history


Aotearoa Tech Union (ATU) was formed in 2018 to support workers in technology-associated roles and organisations, and to advocate for their common benefit regardless of who they work for and whether they are contract, full time, part time, or a student.

We believe technology jobs are a vital part of our country’s future. New Zealand has a long history of leading the way in improving work conditions, and we believe we can do the same for the technology sector. By providing a voice for tech workers and guidance for employers, we can make New Zealand’s tech sector one where people can thrive.