Here are some profiles of our committee members! At our retrospective AGM in April 2021 we welcomed 5 more provisional members. We'll hold a formal All Members meeting in winter 2021, where our membership can officially vote on our committee membershp in accordance with our charter.

Cordy Black
People Experience Advisor, Sharesies NZ Ltd / Baggage Arts Trustee

Cordy (right of picture) comes from a background in service and ancillary work. Their work history spans digital comms, events management, IT service delivery management and old fashioned office admin. Right now they work for a rapidly growing fintech company but they've experienced working life in local government, public service and in a large traditonal ITSM business. The rest of their working life is spent in the performing arts sector, on or behind the stage.
Cordy’s fractured working life reflects a changing world - one that claims to celebrate openness and diversity in its workforce while taking away the basic rights of its workers. Cordy has a special interest in inter-union collaboration, precarious work and the intersection of creative and tech industries.
“We don’t need activist slogans or flat-cap identity politics - we need a safety net, a sense of transparency and the courage to challenge what’s happening in our industry.”

Catherine (Kate) Pearce
Head of Security, Trade Me

Kate Pearce is currently the Head of Security at a large New Zealand company, and is on several non-profit, NGO, and advisory boards.Kate holds that those who are fortunate, and those who have attained a level of success, have a duty to use that power and speak up, empower, support, and boost people in need of help or support.

Kate is especially annoyed by powerful people who talk *about* tech workers and the tech industry but rarely talk *to* anyone who is at the coalface, and instead talk to the same ten “successful” company owners and managers.

Jess Ducey
Chief People Wrangler, PledgeMe / Freelance Contractor

Jess works part time as the Chief People Wrangler at PledgeMe and contracts in a variety of roles related to community engagement, communication, and events. She’s passionate about enabling more people to participate in things that affect them and ensuring that our industry considers the human, social, and ethical implications of our work. She wants to build an inclusive sector that values transparency and equity, and where people can build long-term, meaningful careers.

Outside of work, Jess enjoys cheese, plants, ranting about the patriarchy, public transit, dinner parties, and patting other people’s dogs.

Rory McCarthy
Independent Game Developer, Donklet Studios Ltd.
MSCL Student, University of Auckland

Rory McCarthy is an independent game developer who is currently studying toward a Masters in Social and Community Leadership. Rory has a passion for the NZ Games industry and improving working conditions for game developers from all disciplines. Work-life balance is a crucial component of game development as is providing safe, equitable work environments. He wants to build a games industry that supports and helps staff thrive, and have long term careers with stable job employment.

Outside of work and study Rory is a Beat Saber fanatic, video game streamer, hangs out with his three cats, and is a practicing Stoic philosopher.

Associate member representative: Un-appointed, however we have an Associate among our advisory groups
Student member representative: Un-appointed - we would love to hear from a student!

Our provisional committee members:

  • Jeremy Roundill - communications
  • AJ Doak - design (posters, assets, and stickers)
  • Sergio Ruben Silva - salary / pay transparency work
  • Lucy Stewart - data analysis
  • Moss Cantwell - advise and support

Valued people who advise or support us as time permits:

  • Aurynn Shaw
  • Serena Chen
  • Nat Torkington
  • ...and more people who we aren't naming here!