Fees for each membership type are as follows:


$6.25/month* ($75/year)


$10/Year (Waived until 2019 AGM)


$10/Year (Waived until 2019 AGM)

* monthly payments will be available shortly, we are currently working out what option works best. If this is an issue for you, please email us and we will find a solution to suit your needs.

Why are the fees so low?

We believe that the most important thing union membership provides is someone on your side in the room, and access to a network of people. A union’s primary strength is in its membership.

Due to this, we don’t want money to ever be a barrier to membership, and our fees are set as low as practically possible. However, it’s a fact that money enables us to do more things and do them better - so if there’s space in your budget for us, please consider a little extra koha to help us do what we do.