The thin veil lifts across the tech sector as mass layoffs are announced

Today Xero has joined tech companies like Microsoft, Sharesies, Syft, and many more in announcing mass layoffs across their workforce in Aotearoa to increase their own profits.

“Today 800 workers at Xero will have to go home and tell their families they no longer have a job because their company chose to follow fashionable trends in management from overseas over keeping them employed.

“Some things are certain when making employees redundant. Layoffs have a long term impact on people's health, they destroy trust, and they negatively affect company performance. These layoffs announced today will not guarantee the future of Xero, and they will not guarantee a profit, they will only guarantee a destruction of the lives of over 800 workers.

“Xero operates globally and is following international trends, and their announcement today makes it clear that Aotearoa is not immune to companies sacrificing workers to please their shareholders.

“The Aotearoa Tech Union represents workers across the industry and we have single handedly seen over recent months the devastation caused by companies aiming to reward their shareholders over the livelihoods of thousands of workers.

“It isn’t just 800 people that Xero has chosen to drastically change the lives of. All 800 workers at Xero will have families, friends, and loved ones that will be impacted by this selfish, optional, profit over people, decision.

“Today Xero joins companies we all know like Sharesies and Microsoft in prioritising their shareholders over workers. They’ve chosen to destroy the jobs of hard working people in Aotearoa in order to reward shareholders overseas.

“Every worker in the tech industry deserves to be rewarded for the work they do, for the tools and technologies they make. Not thrown away on a whim because the company wants a few extra dollars in its back pocket.

“Xero is a product that was created by all of these workers here in New Zealand. Xero should be ashamed of the devastation today’s announcement will cause given everything these workers have done for them.

“Our hearts go out to every single person that is affected by this announcement. The Aotearoa Tech Union will be taking a strong stance on redundancies, we will be pushing for workplaces in Aotearoa that are fairer for workers and where workers are rewarded for their contributions - not thrown out in order to make a profit.


Aotearoa Tech Union (ATU) was formed in 2018 to support workers in technology-associated roles and organisations, and to advocate for their common benefit regardless of who they work for and whether they work full-time, part-time, as a freelance contractor, or as an intern or student.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s union movement has a long history of leading the way in improving work conditions, and we believe we can do the same for the technology sector. By providing a voice for tech workers and guidance for employers, we can make the tech sector one where all people can thrive.