Who do we support?

Our union exists to support all workers employed or engaged to be employed in:

  • technical roles in any organisation,
  • in any role within an organisation that is technology focused.
  • roles within technology focused groups within any organisation
  • at the discretion of the committee, individual independent contractors or groups of independent contractors contracted in one or more of the areas listed above.  

If you’re unsure about whether our union will cover you, please send us a message.

What if I am a member of another union?

If you're in an existing union, that's wonderful! We believe that more support is better, and strongly support our members holding dual union memberships if you can, as other unions offer members additional coverage, benefits, resources - and in many cases established collective contracts. 

Speak to your current union and check that this option is available to you, and that our goals are compatible.

What membership options are available?

If you meet any of the criteria above, then you are able to become a full member. This sets you up with full voting rights on all union matters, including standing for and electing the Committee.

Anyone who is not entitled to membership but still wishes to support the union can become an associate member. Associate members will not be represented in any collective bargaining and are only eligible to stand for and vote to elect the Associate Committee Member. This membership type is useful for retirees, those considering a career in the sector, and other supporters. 

Student memberships are also available to anyone who is currently enrolled in study or within two years after the completion of any study. Student members will not be represented in any collective bargaining and are only eligible to vote to elect the Student Committee Member.

Dues for each membership type are as follows:


$6.25/month* ($75/year)


$10/Year (Waived until 2019 AGM)


$10/Year (Waived until 2019 AGM)

* monthly payments will be available shortly, we are currently working out what option works best. If this is an issue for you, please email us and we will find a solution to suit your needs.

Why are the dues so low?

We believe that the most important thing union membership provides is someone on your side in the room, and access to a network of people. A union’s primary strength is in its membership.

Due to this, we don’t want money to ever be a barrier to membership, and our dues are set as low as practically possible. However, it’s a fact that money enables us to do more things and do them better - so if there’s space in your budget for us, please consider a little extra koha to help us do what we do.

What information is required to become a member?

We believe in full transparency about any data collection. As a legally recognised incorporated society, we are required to hold the following information on all members:

  • Full legal name. While the law requires us to store your legal name, we do not plan to use it for any other reason and will use a preferred name in any and all communication. Please email us a simple message "My preferred name is X, my legal name used for membership sign up is Y" and we will update your settings ASAP, no questions asked.
  • Contact postal address (residential or workplace). We will never send any mail to this address, it is recorded for legal purposes only.
  • The date you joined the union


For our own purposes we will also be collecting the following information:

  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Current employer
  • Current job site (physical address of workplace eg "remote work from home" or "X building, Auckland")
  • Job title, course of study and / or occupation
  • Membership type

The above information will be used to contact you with any required updates. Optionally you can provide demographic data for the purpose of promoting equal employment opportunities for members, but it is not required.


This information will be stored in our Nationbuilder managed database. We can remove you (and revoke your membership) at your request. None of the above information will be shared outside of the union.

Something Else?

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our data management.